74 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 / 5.


74 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 / 5.

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The projects promote community engagement and offer opportunities to make local impact. You can choose to do an internship or volunteer at our partner projects or Travel 4 Charity in the following countries:

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74 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 / 5.


My adventure in Tofo, Mozambique was an experience I will never forget. For my biology training, I volunteered for 10 weeks in the marine research center and the associated diving school.
I have learned a lot during this trip. I have dived dozens of times and been on ocean safaris where we have been able to see the most beautiful animals and coral reefs. The underwater world of Mozambique is truly breathtaking.
During my time in Mozambique I got to know not only the natural beauty of the country, but also its social and economic realities. It has made me very aware of the privileges we have in the Netherlands and has changed my perspective on the world.
One of the most valuable aspects of this trip was the fact that I made friends for life. The people I met, both fellow travelers and locals, made my trip even more special. The hospitality and kindness of the local people moved me deeply, and I felt safe and welcome at all times in this beautiful country.
Roel from Let's Go Africa deserves a special mention. His professional guidance and care made the trip seamless and hassle-free. Thanks to his expertise, everything was always clear and organized.
All in all, I can confidently say that this trip to Tofo, Mozambique with Let's Go Africa was a life-changing experience. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for adventure, personal growth and an in-depth introduction to a beautiful country and its hospitable people. It was a journey full of discoveries, friendship and unforgettable moments.


Doing an internship in Tanzania is a very enriching, eye-opening and life-changing experience. During my internship, I had the chance to not only learn a lot about law and human rights at the project, but to engage in really immersive cultural experiences, to actively participate in the community and to interact with local people, making meaningful connections and putting into practice intercultural communication. This allowed me to gain a broader perspective, to understand who they are and the way they live, and to learn about their practices, traditions, values, languages, foods, beliefs and ways of viewing the world. But, without a doubt, the greatest learning was on the personal aspects. I truly believe that putting ourselves in uncomfortable or unfamiliar situations leads to grow, and that is exactly what happened. It may sound scary and challenging, but that is when Let´s Go Africa comes into play.
One of the main reasons why I chose Let´s Go Africa is because of the sense of `closeness´, reliability and assurance that I felt. In the past, I have experienced many difficulties planning internships or exchange programs due to the lack of orientation, help and involvement by the coach, which sometimes has put me in unpleasant situations. Thus, I was looking for an organization able to provide close contact with the supervisor, help, counselling, training… Moreover, I prefer working with small-scale and personal organizations rather than with the most commercial ones because I feel they have a stronger connection with the project and the community. I also believe that some of this more commercial organizations are becoming a kind of touristic attraction, focusing more on making a monetary profit than on taking into account the needs of the intern and providing actual help.
In conclusion, I was seeking safety and certainty, and that is exactly with Let´s Go Africa provided me with.


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