I spent three months in beautiful Arusha, Tanzania. During this period I have been involved in Woman Empowerment. I felt welcome and appreciated on my project throughout the entire period. During the project I taught subjects such as English, communication, business administration and several more. It is an experience I will never forget and the people will always have a special place in my heart. The accommodation was neat and there were two housekeepers who prepared breakfast and dinner every day. The atmosphere was very pleasant with all the other volunteers. I could always contact LGA for questions and other matters. I would recommend anyone to volunteer in a developing country.

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Zanzibar is beautiful with its clear blue water and beautiful beaches. Also the population is very social. I felt very safe there. Doing an internship was definitely worth it. You become stronger in many areas. You develop creativity and realize how good we have it in the Netherlands. You will also have the opportunity to perform many actions that are not possible in
the Netherlands, such as assisting with operations and deliveries. The project was fun and educational, but because it is a small hospital, we had already seen all the departments within four weeks and nothing exciting happened. Everything else was well organised. The staff at the hospital were also very hospitable and wanted to involve us in everything. I will never forget the cheerfulness and gratitude of the people, as well as their culture, including the way they eat and dance. The feeling of being together and not focusing on yourself forever remains with me.
Furthermore, we were well prepared; we went through a checklist so that we couldn't actually forget anything. I really liked this myself. We also received a quick response if we had any questions. In short, the guidance was good.

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Tanzania is a beautiful country with beautiful nature and friendly people. I immediately felt welcome and I have always felt safe. Volunteering in a developing country is a wonderful experience where you can certainly make a difference. The accommodation was clean, there was good food and the hosts were very friendly, there was always someone available. I have
mainly focused on teaching, especially English, but also mathematics, business, and my own topics such as addiction, self-confidence, and mental health. When necessary, there is guidance, but you are mainly responsible for lessons, etc. together with other volunteers, so taking initiative is important. I have learned to go out of my comfort zone and be open to all
people and cultures. There were enough contact moments for me from LGA. I was always able to ask questions and I was well prepared!

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South Africa

South Africa is beautiful, very different from Europe. It was my first internship in another country, and aspects such as safety, workload, traffic, etc. were very different from home. This took some getting used to, but after two weeks I was completely accustomed to the culture and environment. I have learned that it is very important to show initiative yourself, which was sometimes difficult because otherwise I would not know what to do. Yet I always had help when I had questions. Furthermore, Let's Go Africa was a very nice organization where you can clearly see that they have experience and can offer the right guidance for people who want to do an internship abroad and/or are making a long-distance trip for the first time. I knew clearly from the step-by-step plan what I had to do and I was asked in a timely manner what the status of our trip was. This was very pleasant. Definitely recommend!

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frequently asked questions

Why should I choose for Let’s Go Africa (LGA)?

  • Derived out of passion of Noor & Roel, who both have Africa experience since 2006 with development work, studying, travelling and living in several countries.
  • LGA personally visited and screened all countries and partner organizations
  • Small scale; no extra office or personnel costs, focus on personal experience
  • Cheaper than almost all other organizations in same countries (outcomes from independent research on service and accommodation costs)
  • Professional vacancies and customized project descriptions derived from local needs striving towards sustainable impact

What is included in the LGA service package?

  • Individual project description according all criteria (personal, study and partner organization)
  • Let’s Go Africa information brochure
  • Preparation and safety meeting for your specific destination
  • Organisation of accommodation and transport advice
  • Visa, vaccinations, insurance, passport and flight booking assistance
  • Airport pick up & introduction program
  • Free Police Clearance Certificate application (PCC in Dutch; VOG)
  • Professional supervision and local guidance
  • Constant fast and direct communication with your contact person
  • Informal feedback session when back home
  • Let’s Go Africa certificate of participation

Can I also do my Minor in Africa instead of internship/volunteer work?

Yes, many different Minor and research projects are possible.

Do you offer travel service and how does that work?

Yes, for our destinations in Africa we offer fully organized tours and customized travel services based on personal experience. On the Travel 4 Charity and Home page under destinations, you can click on the countries where all unique travel options are described.

Do you have travel and volunteer combinations?

In our different program countries in Africa we have challenging combination packages. Please contact us.

What is Travel 4 Charity?

Travel 4 Charity is a unique concept where you always support a local partner organization financially. T4C can provide a fully organized travel experience or your trip completely customized. Optionally, you can experience the development work organization up close, see where your support ends up and even collaborate there.

How much of my trip goes to charity and to whom?

Minimum 10% of LGA service package costs. Check the country pages for each trip to see which partner organization we support.

Is there always money going to charity via T4C?

Absolutely! The support for T4C charities is a guarantee for every trip regardless of XMS participation and concerns at least 10% of LGA service package costs.

Can I combine different projects?

Please send us your preference because we have many opportunities!

I am graduated/retired or having a sabbatical, can I do a LGA project?

Absolutely! People with experience are very valuable at our projects.

Can we also go in pairs or with groups?

Definitely, it is even recommendable to share the experience.

Do I have to be Dutch to participate?

No, everybody wanting to go to Africa is welcome to contact us.

What is the minimum age to participate?

18 years old. However we sometimes make exceptions depending on the situation and guidance of an adult.

Does LGA assist with organizing flights/visa?

Yes, of course we assist with the cheapest options and easiest procedures.

What is the cancellation policy of LGA?

  • Registration costs and down payments costs are non-refundable at all times.
  • Reimbursement of 50% of the remaining LGA mediation package costs and the full accommodation/tour costs minus €145 cancellation fee by cancellation minimum 60 days before departure by the specific LGA intern/volunteer/traveller, when one of the following cancellation reasons apply:
  • Disease or injury by accident, of that nature that the physical and/or mental state of the person is medically indicated not being able to travel and participate.
  • Severe disease/injury by accident or diseased 1st or second degree family member of the participant. There must be a serious health concern where the life of the person is in serious danger.
  • Cancellation with any other than the above mentioned reasons or within 60 days of departure, gives in no way the right for a refund of service package and/or accommodation costs paid to LGA or there partners.
  • Is it possible I will not pass the screening of LGA or their local partner in Africa?
  • Yes, if LGA or our partner organization decides you are not suitable, then we can decide not to continue the procedure. In that case you will have no right of a refund of the registration costs.
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