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Safety and rights

Is it safe in the African country where I want to go?

Each country is different in terms of safety, but in the countries of our projects normally there is political stability and we are always in close contact with our partners about the situation. Crime differs from country to country and we therefore elaborate on this during our safety preparation before departure. We can never give guarantees, but of course we do everything to make your stay as safe as possible together with the local supervisors.

I would like to go to Africa alone (as a woman), is that possible?

Certainly, but one country/partner project is more suitable than the other. We are happy to give you personal advice on this.

How can I prepare safety wise?

Read about the safety in the country you are going to, also in our brochure. Take the safety advice during the last LGA interview very seriously. Always follow the advice of the local supervisors and rather be too careful than too naive!

Can I do a project with vulnerable children?

  • Yes, of course, but you have to work according to certain guidelines to protect the rights of the children.
  • We do NOT work with orphanages as there has been a lot of scandal worldwide and we do not want to take any risk. However, there may be after-school care within schools for orphaned and vulnerable children that you will be working with.
  • Regarding possible attachment problems with children, it’s important that you do not take care of or take over care from local caregivers and that you are clear to the children that you are there temporarily and return home after a certain time. Keep a professional distance.

What is your policy to protect the rights of the child?

  • Screening: we carefully examine whom we are going to work with by checking background, work experience and possibly references.
  • Personal contact: through regular contact before departure by email and in person, we know whom we send.
  • Agreements: in addition to the information brochure, we oblige everyone to sign an internship/volunteer agreement in which we have the agreement that forms the basis of our policy. We also provide a Better Care Network information folder about working with vulnerable children abroad.
  • Code of Conduct: document that includes all ethical guidelines which we let everyone sign in advance.
  • Police Clearance Certificate: volunteers/interns are required to request this from the municipality before departure and to hand it over to LGA for immediate clarification on any involvement with the police/judicial authorities. Our local partner organizations may also require this. No Police Clearance Certificate, no project!
Preparation before departure

How can I best prepare for departure?

  • We advise you to read our brochure which also contains useful information about the country, the project and the preparation for your adventure.
  • Use our checklist to prepare step by step and keep the overview

What can I do to reduce the chance of a culture shock?

  • This is very difficult and cannot always be prevented since it is part of living in another world. Reading beforehand about the local living situation can help with this.
  • We offer a Follow Your African Sun workshop that focuses specifically on cultural differences, managing your expectations and personal reflection to make your Africa experience as positive as possible.

Do you also offer Workshops on Africa and cultural differences?

Yes, the Follow your African Sun workshop is specifically focused on cultural differences, managing your expectations and personal reflection to make your Africa experience as positive as possible.

Do I need vaccinations and / or medication?

  • For almost all destinations you need vaccinations and sometimes also anti-Malaria medication. We always advise you to make an appointment at the GGD or local health clinic.
  • Information can also be found in our brochures on this topic.

What materials can I bring for the project and / or host family?

  • Start by checking the baggage that you can take with you on your flight. With many airlines you can take a second piece of checked baggage, but not always!
  • What materials you can take with you, depends on the project and the host family. Some can use school supplies, other clothing and other project related items. We therefore encourage you to consult with us and the partner what is most needed.
Contact & reviews

Where can I read reviews?

On our website you can read various reviews with an assessment of past volunteers/interns and their LGA experience.

Can I get into contact with people who have already gone with LGA before?

We can always see if we can put you in contact with previous LGA users who have, for example, done a project with the same project partner.

How can I get and stay in contact with LGA?

By telephone, email, Whatsapp, Skype etc. By email we can easily send you the correct brochures and Whatsapp contact is very easy during your stay.

For which countries should I contact Roel?

South Africa, Egypt, Botswana, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda, Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland & Mauritius.

For which countries should I contact Noor?


How can I stay in contact with LGA, family and friends etc.?

We advise you to buy a local SIM card with an airtime and internet bundle so that you can easily call or call via internet (WhatsApp or Skype). Your WhatsApp number with all your contacts will remain connected to your current number.

Registration and follow-up steps

What is the procedure for a LGA project?

Check out Our process page.

How do I register?

  • Every country has its own registration form, but if you haven’t decided yet you can also use the general LGA registration form on the website, in the brochure attachment or we can simply email it to you.
  • You can fill out the registration form and email it back to us or send it by mail.
  • LGA registration costs will be deducted from the program costs, so they are not extra costs.
  • The registration is completed when we received the form and the €50 registration fee (LGA bank details are on the registration form)
  • You will receive a LGA invoice of your registration and later on an invoice of the total program costs.

I am registered, what are next steps?

Checkout Our process page for all steps!

Supervision & Accommodation

Will I be picked up at the airport?

Yes. We ensure that your program coordinator or an employee of the organization comes to pick you up and bring you to the accommodation.

Do I get a local introduction?

Yes. Often a day after arrival you will receive an introduction from our partner where you will be shown around the projects, contacts, complex and the required facilities and important information about the area.

What if I get sick during my stay?

  • Let us know as soon as possible so that we can give you advice. Also the local partner organization could assist you with, for example, arranging medication and / or visiting a hospital.
  • Keep in mind that diarrhea, stomach flu and food poisoning can occur due to different food, water and hygiene in Africa.

Can I extend my stay on-site?

It is important to first discuss this with us and with the partner organization. Because of arranging visas, ticket changes and accommodation options in the country and at the accommodation.

Can I drink the water from the tap?

  • In general, we strongly advise you not to drink water from the tap and to always buy bottled water. This also reduces the risk of stomach complaints, etc.
  • South Africa can be an exception in some areas, but always consult with the local people before you drink it.

What are the different accommodation types?

  • Depending on your destination there are different options with a difference in luxury. Like: hosting family, room in compound, hostel, guesthouse, apartment and (volunteer) house.
  • There are different possibilities and the costs depend on the type of accommodation you want. Please let us know your preference.
  • In some cases “basic” means there is no running water, the toilet is a hole in the ground and the electricity can fail

Can I take pictures of local people and post these on Social Media?

  • Because of privacy regulations and the protection of children’s rights it’s not allowed to take random pictures and post them on Social Media.
  • Only with permission of the person in the picture and their supervisors it’s allowed to take pictures and make videos. Always ask for specific permission to post the pictures on Social Media!

What about on-site supervision and the level of supervision?

Guidance and supervision on-site is crucial, especially for interns. We have customized local supervision and supervision on every project. The level differs per project partner but is also often available at Bachelor and Master level.

Who is my supervisor on-site?

That is a reliable local contact person that we know personally.

When will I receive the contact details of the organization and supervisor?

After payment of the program costs invoice, we provide all contact details and names of our partners and supervisors. We expect that this will be dealt with discretely, also with reference to the new privacy legislation.

Costs and reimbursement

What are the registration costs?

€ 50 per person (non-refundable). The registration costs of LGA are deducted from the program costs of the trainee/volunteer/traveller and are therefore not extra costs.

What are the LGA mediation package costs and accommodation costs?

  • The LGA mediation package costs are between € 400 - € 525 depending on whether you are going to do volunteer work or an internship and for how long.
  • A downpayment (non-refundable) is needed to start the matching procedure.
  • All costs are described in the program country brochures at each partner organization because the accommodation costs also differ (between € 100 and € 275 per month on average).
  • For Ghana, Mozambique and Swaziland accommodation costs, meals and mediation costs are all included in one total package price.

Do I receive an internship allowance or cost compensation?

Only possible in discussion with commercial companies in Mauritius. We are a small-scale development work organization that tries to keep costs as low as possible and mainly work with small local projects (N.G.O.'s) in Africa that cannot afford anything. But in some cases free accommodation is offered.

Why is there a difference in costs between a volunteer and an intern?

  • Anyone who is going to carry out a project, internship or minor related to a study is considered an intern.
  • In all other situations you are considered a volunteer (also retired people, professionals, graduates, people on a sabbatical or students who are going to do a project unrelated to their study).
  • A distinction is made between costs because study criteria, internship contracts and comprehensive project assignments with supervision are required for interns.

Can I raise money or organize crowd funding for my project?

Any form of generating finances or resources that can help the partner is highly encouraged by us!

Do you have any financial advice on how to pay for everything?

In every country brochure under heading 1.6 How to finance your trip, it is described how you can save costs. Together with other tips such as putting the study grant away from home, applying for a public transport reimbursement or subletting your room.

Destinations and projects

To which countries in Africa can I go?

  • Let’s Go Ghana
  • Let’s Go South Africa
  • Let’s Go Mozambique
  • Let’s Go Botswana
  • Let’s Go Egypt
  • Let’s Go Zanzibar
  • Let’s Go Tanzania
  • Let’s Go Uganda
  • Let’s Go Swaziland
  • Let’s Go Lesotho
  • Let's Go Mauritius
  • Let's Go Namibia (travel only)

For which study directions/project fields does LGA have projects?

Have the projects been screened?

Yes, almost all projects were visited and screened in person, based on our conditions and vision on sustainable development work.

When are the projects available and how long do they last?

All our projects are continuously available. There is no end date and the duration varies per project. Ask us for more info

How do I know which destination suits me best?

  • Indicate your preferences in Africa in terms of living conditions and facilities as more basic, luxury or a mix.
  • Indicate what type of project you want to do, so that we can match this
  • Send us your resume and a short motivation
Let’s Go Africa services & opportunities

Why should I choose for Let’s Go Africa (LGA)?

  • Derived out of passion of Noor & Roel, who both have Africa experience since 2006 with development work, studying, travelling and living in several countries.
  • LGA personally visited and screened all countries and partner organizations
  • Small scale; no extra office or personnel costs, focus on personal experience
  • Cheaper than almost all other organizations in same countries (outcomes from independent research on service and accommodation costs)
  • Professional vacancies and customized project descriptions derived from local needs striving towards sustainable impact

Can I also do my Minor in Africa instead of internship/volunteer work?

Yes, many different Minor and research projects are possible.

Do you offer travel service and how does that work?

Yes, for our destinations in Africa we offer fully organized tours and customized travel services based on personal experience. On the Travel 4 Charity and Home page under destinations, you can click on the countries where all unique travel options are described.

Do you have travel and volunteer combinations?

In our different program countries in Africa we have challenging combination packages. Please contact us.

What is Travel 4 Charity?

Travel 4 Charity is a unique concept where you always support a local partner organization financially. T4C can provide a fully organized travel experience or your trip completely customized. Optionally, you can experience the development work organization up close, see where your support ends up and even collaborate there. It becomes even more interesting if you want to take advantage of the high discounts that XMS Global offers for all trips (50% on all flights).

What are the terms & conditions of XMS Global flight discount for new participants?

Do I get a discount on flights as an XMS Global member?

How much of my trip goes to charity and to whom?

Minimum 10% of LGA service package costs. Check the country pages for each trip to see which partner organization we support.

Is there always money going to charity via T4C?

Absolutely! The support for T4C charities is a guarantee for every trip regardless of XMS participation and concerns at least 10% of LGA service package costs.

Can I combine different projects?

Please send us your preference because we have many opportunities!

I am graduated/retired or having a sabbatical, can I do a LGA project?

Absolutely! People with experience are very valuable at our projects.

Can we also go in pairs or with groups?

Definitely, it is even recommendable to share the experience.

Do I have to be Dutch to participate?

No, everybody wanting to go to Africa is welcome to contact us.

What is the minimum age to participate?

18 years old. However we sometimes make exceptions depending on the situation and guidance of an adult.

What is included in the LGA service package?

  • Individual project description according all criteria (personal, study and partner organization)
  • Let’s Go Africa information brochure
  • Preparation and safety meeting for your specific destination
  • Organisation of accommodation and transport advice
  • Visa, vaccinations, insurance, passport and flight booking assistance
  • Airport pick up & introduction program
  • Professional supervision and local guidance
  • Constant fast and direct communication with your contact person
  • Informal feedback session when back home
  • Let’s Go Africa certificate of participation

Does LGA assist with organizing flights/visa?

Yes, of course we assist with the cheapest options and easiest procedures.

What is the cancellation policy of LGA?

  • When you decide yourself to cancel, in no case you will receive a refund of the registration costs. Only when LGA does not offer you a suitable placement option, we will refund half of the registration cost back to your account.
  • Refund of 50% of the LGA service package costs and 100% of the accommodation costs cancelling at least 40 days before departure by LGA intern/volunteer/traveller, will only occur for the following reasons of cancellation:
  • Disease or injury by accident, of that nature that the physical and/or mental state of the person is medically indicated not being able to travel and participate.
  • Severe disease/injury by accident or diseased 1st or second degree family member of the participant. There must be a serious health concern where the life of the person is in serious danger.
  • Cancellation with any other than the above mentioned reasons or within 40 days of departure, gives in no way the right for a refund of service package and/or accommodation costs paid to LGA or there partners.
  • Is it possible I will not pass the screening of LGA or their local partner in Africa?
  • Yes, if LGA or our partner organization decides you are not suitable, then we can decide not to continue the procedure. In that case you will have no right of a refund of the registration costs.

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